“Sarajishvili” company celebrates 100 years of Georgia’s independence in a special way, devoting brandy of unique features – “Independence” – made from unique alcohol from 1918, to this important date. Signatures put down in ink on a single piece of paper on May 26, 1918 became evidence of Georgia’s dream of many centuries coming true. A piece of paper of such importance to Georgian history, its structure and even the color of the ink it was signed in have become a source of inspiration for “Sarajishvili” company. The product design and content are entirely inspired by the visual side of the Declaration of Independence and the signature act.

The amount of this product is also special and symbolic – only 1918 bottles. These 1918 bottles represent centuries of hope Georgia has had for a better, independent future, just as complex and multilayered as the product itself. Each bottle is engraved and carries a unique serial number.





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